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magnetic separation for river sand

200 tons magnetic separation production line per hour for river sand

The dredger is composed of the floating body, chain bucket dredging system, screening system, magnetic separation system, tailings removal system, and power system. First of all, there is water in the river, so our mineral processing equipment must float on the water. So we use a 3.5-4 mm steel plate to make a floating body. According to the different depth of sand excavation, the width and length of the floating body have corresponding size requirements. Generally, the width is between 1.5-2 meters and the length is between 16-32 meters. In addition, to increase the stability of the ship, there is a certain distance between the two floating bodies, generally about 1.5 meters. As the name implies, the feeding system of this beneficiation equipment is a chain bucket dredging system. After the river sand is lifted from the chain bucket, because there are different sizes of stones, in order to protect the safety of the magnetic separator, it must pass through the screening system. According to the different environment of rivers, generally speaking, rivers with fewer stones and smaller diameters are better equipped with self-seismic mode, which is convenient for maintenance and saves power.
magnetic separation production line for river sand
There are many stones, and the larger diameter of the river is to use the drum-type sieve. After screening, stones usually flow directly into the river, and if they have economic value, they can also be transported to shore for sale by conveyor belt; river sand is transferred to magnetic separation system. The magnetic separation system is mainly composed of magnetic separator and washing and cleaning system. The magnetic meter strength of magnetic separator should generally reach 3800-4500 Gauss, and the specifications are 750*2200-2400 so that the net separation rate can reach 90%. The function of washing is to improve the grade of wool iron powder, which can be adjusted freely between 30 and 45. The function of the tailings removal system is to remove the tailings of iron powder to a place far away from the machine to ensure the normal work of the machine. Generally, there are three types: self-flow type, conveyor belt type, and sand pumping type. Of course, this is also determined according to the specific environment of the river.