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A good place to use the Overband Magnet

The Overband Magnet is a magnetic separator device that can generate strong magnetic field attraction. Its purpose is to remove the iron and other magnetic substances mixed in the raw materials to ensure the crusher, ball mill and other mechanical equipment in the conveying system. Can work safely and normally.
The following matters should be noted during the operation of the Overband Magnet :
1. For the automatic unloading mine remover, when the crawler shot blasting machine is started, the personnel cannot stand in the forward direction to prevent the iron from injuring people.
2. During operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the operation of the equipment is stable, whether there is abnormal noise and its iron removal condition, and the iron-loading tape cannot be deflected or scratched. The iron remover is generally not stopped during the operation of the coal conveying belt.
3. Pay close attention to the temperature of the excitation magnet and the operation of the fan during operation. The hook type shot blasting machine must stop the inspection when it exceeds 100 degrees Celsius.
4. Discharge iron operation of Overband Magnet : press the button on the front or back of the power distribution cabinet, drive the electromagnet to the appropriate position, press the excitation stop button, and then remove all the irons on the disc and then remove them. Return to the original position and turn on the magnet.
5. After transporting the coal belt to stop, remove all the irons that have been sucked up and then stop the Overband Magnet . During the stop of the iron separator, check whether the running part is lack of oil, and timely maintenance and maintenance.

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