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Applicability of Overband Magnet separator

The iron removal process adopted by the  Overband Magnet separator is mainly for the selection of weak magnetic minerals. In China, such iron removers are mostly used for the selection of hematite. Due to the low grade of domestic hematite and fine grain size, the process of grinding is difficult to completely dissociate hematite from gangue, and there will be many particles in the body. In the Overband Magnet iron removal operation, most of the continuous body will be recycled into the magnetic product, causing the concentrate grade to drop. If the strength of the magnetic field is lowered, it will inevitably lead to the loss of metal. Therefore, the Overband Magnet separator operation usually cannot balance the concentrate grade and recovery rate. In this way, the Overband Magnet separator is difficult to remove iron as an independent sorting process, and other beneficiation methods are needed. In general, the Overband Magnet separator is used for tailing de-sludge with advantages unmatched by other processes. The obtained Overband Magnet concentrate needs to be sorted by re-election or flotation method to meet market requirements. grade.
In addition, the price of the Overband Magnet separator is expensive, the investment is relatively high, and the cost is not low. Small-scale concentrators are generally not recommended. Before the strong iron removal, if the ore contains more than 5% of ferromagnetic minerals, the strong magnetic minerals should be selected by weak iron removal. Otherwise, the strong magnetic minerals will be in the sorting gap of the fully automatic magnetic separator. The occurrence of a “magnetic bridge” causes a magnetic short circuit or clogging the sorting gap, making it difficult to perform Overband Magnet separation. The sorting gap of the Overband Magnet separator is usually small. In order to avoid the blockage of the sorting gap between the debris and the large ore, the mineral material should be sieved and slag before being selected. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of the Overband Magnet separator for the quality of the selected mass, the concentration treatment is generally arranged before the sorting.

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