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Application note of Overband Magnet separator

The Overband Magnet separator is to place a plurality of media boxes on a horizontal ring body. The medium box of the iron remover is provided with several layers of vertically arranged tooth plates and the like, and the medium is driven by the rotating ring. The box will enter the strong magnetic field area one by one. When the magnetic separation is carried out, the slurry will be fed from the upper part of the Overband Magnet separator, and the non-magnetic material will pass from the medium box to the ore collecting tank, and the magnetic mineral will be induced. The medium is captured and brought to the area where there is no magnetic field as the ring is rolled, and then washed out by high pressure water.
The Overband Magnet iron remover has the advantages of high magnetic field strength, continuous operation and high sorting precision. The disadvantage is that the medium box is easy to block, and it needs to be cleaned and replaced frequently. The Overband Magnet separator is used for When removing iron from non-metallic minerals, steel mesh or steel wool media may be installed according to the different particle size and iron removal requirements of the sorting materials. Suitable for iron removal and purification of non-metallic minerals, such as quartz sand, sillimanite, kyanite, etc., can also be used to recover weak magnetic metal minerals, such as limonite, hematite, mirror iron ore, ferrochrome Mine, siderite, ilmenite and manganese ore.

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