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Application of Water Cooling Technology on Suspension Magnetic Separator

Suspension magnetic separator generate more heat during operation, especially large-scale suspension magnetic separators have large working current, generate more heat, and have a larger temperature rise. When the situation is serious, the electromagnetic coil will be burned. In order to make the equipment operate normally, certain cooling measures must be taken. The cooling methods of the existing suspension magnetic separator mainly include natural cooling and oil cooling. Natural cooling is the cooling of the Shandong electromagnetic iron separator using the heat sink of the shell to exchange heat with the air to achieve cooling. It is generally used in small and medium-sized iron removal devices; Oil cooling is to fill the oil cooling medium around the electromagnetic coil of the suspension magnetic separator, so that the temperature rise of the coil can be quickly transferred to the heat transfer oil, and then use the heat sink to exchange heat with the air, its cooling effect is compared with the natural cooling suspension The magnetic separator is better, but when the oil cooling medium is heated, its cooling effect will also be worse, and it still cannot meet the requirements for large-scale suspended magnetic separators. How to let the working heat of the suspension magnetic separator be quickly dissipated to prevent the electromagnetic coil from degrading its performance due to excessive temperature rise, and even burning the electromagnetic coil has become a difficult problem in the design of large suspension magnetic separators.

In view of this situation, a large-scale water-cooled suspension magnetic separator with circulating water as the cooling medium was developed, and a good cooling effect was achieved in the application.
The structure of circulating water-cooled suspension magnetic separator includes high-conductivity magnet core, electromagnetic coil, upper yoke plate and side yoke plate. The upper side of the side yoke plate is designed with lugs, the upper yoke plate and the side yoke The board forms a box. A cooling water tank is designed on the tank of the suspension magnetic separator, and the cooling water tank is connected with the tank by a water channel. A water inlet is designed below the tank, and a water outlet is designed above the cooling water tank. An insulating material is used between the electromagnetic coil and the tank to separate it. By adding circulating water as a cooling medium, the electromagnetic coil of the suspended magnetic separator can always be surrounded by a lower temperature aqueous medium during the working process, so that the heat can be quickly dissipated without affecting the work due to temperature increase The magnetic field may cause the device to burn. Practical application has confirmed that it has a very good cooling effect, suitable for a variety of larger suspension magnetic separators and other equipment


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