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Application scope of closed Overband Magnet

The harsh working environment is very demanding for the Overband Magnet, because the potential risk in its operation is relatively large, so it is required that the Overband Magnet should have the functions of dustproof, moisture proof and salt spray prevention, otherwise it may be generated. It is difficult to predict the risk and reduce the safety of the equipment, so the professional iron remover is used in a dedicated environment.

Overband Magnet

The more common fully enclosed Overband Magnet has evaporative cooling and oil-type electromagnetic iron remover. These Overband Magnet are often used in environments with relatively large amount of environmental dust, high moisture, and strong corrosive gases. It is not advisable to select Shandong iron remover with direct contact between the excitation coil and air, such as air-cooled iron remover, heat pipe type iron remover and upper and lower natural ventilation cooling type iron remover without epoxy resin.
When using the Overband Magnet, it is better to ensure the work efficiency and give the user a more important iron removal experience.