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Belt protection of Overband Magnet needs attention

For the Overband Magnet, the performance of the belt directly determines the final working effect of the iron remover. Therefore, in the process of using the Overband Magnet, everyone needs to pay more attention to the condition of the belt.
The belt of the Overband Magnet is often punctured during operation. The iron remover belt is mainly installed on various types of electromagnetic and permanent magnet self-unloading iron removers. If the belt of the Overband Magnet is punctured, it will cause the equipment to malfunction. After completing the unloading operation, how can we avoid the damage of the belt as much as possible? If the material is iron material that can easily break the belt, it is recommended that you use armored Overband Magnet equipment, so that it can protect the belt well.
The current high-temperature resistant conveyor belts used in the Overband Magnet can not only heat 100 degrees, but also 200 degrees, until the high temperature reaches 300 degrees, and the instant temperature of 500 degrees. It is very stable and will not easily run away. Unless the installation is reversed, the rubber has very good plasticity. After being made into a ring without joints, it can greatly extend the service life of the rubber conveyor belt. Of course, you also need to be vigilant to use The surface of the belt made of recycled rubber and the endless canvas conveyor belt made of recycled rubber is very bright. It is very likely that the endless rubber conveyor belt that is shiny to shine is made of recycled materials.

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