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Belt type for suspended permanent magnet separator

The suspended permanent magnet iron remover can realize automatic unloading of iron. An important component that cannot be separated is the belt. The annular conveyor belt used in the suspended permanent magnet separator is generally divided into M, L, H, etc. according to the tensile strength of the belt. The performance of the corresponding models is as follows:
M-type belt, the core is made of high-quality cotton interwoven canvas, usually 2-6 layers, the thickness of the glue is generally 7.5mm-20mm; L-belt is mainly NN-200 type canvas (or polyester) Canvas) As a strong layer, generally 2-6 layers, rubber thickness 7.500mm-20mm, can be used as accessories for various suspended permanent magnet separators.
The H-belt is made of NN-300 nylon canvas (or polyester canvas) as a strong layer, usually 2-4 layers, and the total thickness of the tape is 7.500mm-20mm.
The width of the tape used for the suspended permanent magnet separator can reach 3100mm. According to the different functions and performances, there are common type, heat-resistant type, cold-resistant type (not lower than minus 4 degrees Celsius), acid-base type, conductive type, and resistant. Different types such as high temperature type (within 150 degrees Celsius) and hygienic type can match various types of suspended permanent magnet separators.

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