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Beware of the loss of low-cost Overband Magnet remover

When buying a Overband Magnet remover, people often ask, isn’t the iron remover a block magnet? You can suck the iron up, but what quality and quality do you need? Naturally, there are differences, and the difference is not small.
Although the appearance of the Overband Magnet iron remover on the market looks similar, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is a true national standard qualified Overband Magnet remover. For example, the magnetic system, the magnetic system of the Overband Magnet iron remover is assembled from a piece of magnet. The most expensive part of the iron remover is the magnet. If there are as many magnets used by the two manufacturers, plus artificial and other materials. Cost, why is the price so low? Is it really only a matter of volume and not profit? In fact, the industry professionals and magnetic experts who are really knowledgeable understand the mystery. When you go to the workshop-style small factory to detect the magnetic force, they will take you to test whether it can absorb iron or the magnetic surface of the magnet. It seems that there is no problem, the magnetic force is not bad. However, when it is used in actual operation, iron impurities are often mixed with the material. The layer is not necessarily on the surface when passing through the fine powder separator. This involves the concept of magnetic permeability, each magnetic field. It has its fixed field strength. In the unit volume, the more magnetic blocks, the stronger the magnetic field strength and the higher the magnetic permeability. This ensures that the material can be successfully sucked up when it has a certain thickness. In the self-unloading fine powder separator, some manufacturers will use low-quality bearing housings, motors, and paints. The machining accuracy is not high, and the workmanship is very rough. Some small manufacturers have seen this space in this industry, and will cut corners on the amount of magnets used. Although there is no problem in the test, but the actual production can not be sucked up, or which part is damaged, can only stop the maintenance of the production line, affecting the subsequent produce.

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