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Conditions for effective removal of iron by Overband Magnet

Overband Magnet manufacturer: The iron remover wants to achieve the purpose of iron selection. The basic condition is that the magnetic field attracts the ferromagnetic substance more than the combined force that prevents the magnetic material from being separated. The combined force includes the self-gravity, centrifugal force and inertial force of the ferromagnetic material. The resistance of the fluid, etc. The viscosity of the slurry, the size of the ferromagnetic mineral particles and the flow rate of the mud will have a direct impact on the combined force of the Overband Magnet, which affects the effect of iron removal. Therefore, everyone should accurately grasp the use of the Overband Magnet. The “four degrees” of the slurry, ie the concentration, viscosity, velocity and particle size, the particle size is determined by the pore size selection of the vibrating screen, the speed is directly related to the flow rate, and the viscosity is related to the nature of the slurry, concentration and the additive used; It is related to the proportion of water.
In order to effectively remove iron, the Overband Magnet should have the following three conditions:
1, to have a strong enough magnetic field source, that is, the attraction > the resultant force of the object being absorbed;
2. Have a large enough contact area to ensure that there are opportunities and places to absorb the target;
3, to be able to clean the ferromagnetic impurities that have been absorbed in a timely and effective manner, cleaning is the key to effective iron removal.

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