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Description of application of Overband Magnet and rotary iron remover

Overband Magnet refers to magnetic separation equipment for filtering ferromagnetic substances in mineral materials. Generally speaking, it refers to Overband Magnet made of rare earth permanent magnet materials. Common types are: magnetic rod, magnetic grid, drawer iron remover. , Rotary iron remover, permanent magnet cylinder, drum iron remover, fluid pipe iron remover, hump iron remover, strong magnetic plate, strong magnetic roller.
Overband Magnet should be widely used in food processing, grain processing, feed processing, new energy, fine chemicals, thermal power plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, glass windows, ceramics factories, engineering plastics and other industries. With the development of the economy, consumers’ attention to food safety has gradually increased, and the emphasis on the quality of household products has increased. The demand for new energy and new materials has been increasing due to industrial progress. It is believed that the application prospects of Overband Magnet will be broader. .
The rotary iron remover is obtained on the basis of the improvement of the grille iron removal equipment. The main advantage is that it solves the bridge, blockage, etc. which exist when the traditional grid type iron remover filters the powdery material with poor fluidity. Happening. It is widely used in the fine chemical industry to filter iron impurities in powder materials.
The rotary iron remover is mainly composed of a magnetic core, a stainless steel casing and a geared motor. The magnetic core is made of a strong magnetic rod, and the outer casing is made of stainless steel. The geared motor can be used according to the specific model of the iron remover and the material to be processed. Targeted options.


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