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Description of the five advantages of Overband Magnet iron remover

Overband Magnet iron remover has always been a good reputation among users. In many applications, the iron remover has shown excellent results. The Overband Magnet  iron remover can achieve such results, mainly due to its Five characteristics:
1. No need for water for mineral processing: One of the main features of the Overband Magnet  iron remover is that it does not need water for operation. Compared with water selection, it will not produce sludge sewage. Second, it can save a lot of water resources and save in annual production. Hundreds of thousands of tons of water.
2. The sorting effect is ideal: the Overband Magnet  iron remover is a dynamic magnetic system design. During the operation, the drum has no dip, which is beneficial to the sorting of materials. The primary selection can be improved by 1-4 times. The grade can reach more than 60%.
3. There is a large processing capacity: the Overband Magnet  iron remover adopts a wrapped open magnetic system, and the material does not have the phenomenon of wrap and blockage, so the processing capacity is strong, and the processing capacity of the single primary picking machine for the original ore can be reached. More than 50t, it is also possible to use multiple machines in parallel to increase production.
4, a wide range of applications: Overband Magnet  iron remover generally has four large categories, including more than 20 varieties and specifications. It can meet the needs of various industries such as iron ore, river sand, tailings, steel slag, steel ash, sulfuric acid slag, abrasives, refractory materials, rubber, steel board, grain, etc. Some equipment can also realize multi-purpose.
5. High production efficiency: Overband Magnet  iron remover does not use water, so it will not be restricted by water source. It can be continuously produced all the year round. It can increase 100-150 per year for water-free areas, seasonal water-deficient areas and alpine regions. Workdays effectively increase the utilization of equipment.

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