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Development Requirements of magnetic separator in the Ceramic Industry

At present, the cost of magneitc separator in the ceramic industry is getting higher and higher, the production automation is lacking, the manufacturers of permanent magnets are too many and the brands are too miscellaneous. In order to reduce the cost, many home workshop manufacturers use inferior raw materials and settle down in the process, which causes the quality of permanent magnets to be unstable. For long-term development, they need to meet the following industry requirements.
GTC wet magnetic separator
(1)The B value of permanent magnet except ferromagnetic rod should be above 6000GS, the service temperature should be above 70-80 C, the service life should be guaranteed for more than two years, and the B value should not be reduced by 50%.
(2)The magnetic induction intensity of electromagnetic magnetic separator should be high, which is the need of high whiteness quartz products.
(3)Cleaning automation of magnetic separator should be high
(4)The effective flow rate should be large, continuous and uninterrupted, and the iron separation effect should be good.
(5)High-quality stainless steel materials should be used in the wet (dry) transmission to prevent secondary rust and other impurities pollution.
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