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Do you know the power of suspension permanent magnets

Suspension permanent magnet is an indispensable device for any industry that needs iron removal. It can separate the ferromagnetic substance in the material to achieve the purpose of saving resources and improving the repeated utilization of resources. The suspension permanent magnet produced by Henderson Magnet is a high-performance device that meets the national quality standards. It has gone through various checks from development to delivery to ensure impeccable performance.

The suspension type permanent magnet does not rely on electric energy excitation in the running structure, and the energy saving effect is very obvious; it does not need to install control circuits, it has reliable operation, low failure rate, small size and easy installation. The magnetic circuit inside the device is designed by computer. The magnetic force of the permanent magnet core will not drop by more than 5% within eight years, and the service life can reach more than 15 years.

Suspension permanent magnets are used in iron removal operations in many industries such as building materials, chemicals, medicine, food, etc., especially in the building materials industry, which is a necessary equipment, and can also be used for raw materials and iron and ferromagnetic impurities during processing. Suction.

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