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Does the suspended permanent magnet not needs electricity at all

The suspended permanent magnet uses the magnetic force of the magnet to absorb the ferromagnetic material. Many people think that the eternal magnet iron remover does not use electricity. This is simply not accurate. It mainly depends on which a suspended permanent magne the user chooses. Iron remover.

Manual unloading permanent magnet separator: This type of iron remover does not oblige electricity.

When the suspended permanent magnet adsorbs more ferromagnetic materials, it needs to be manually removed with a non-magnetic scraper or worn with gloves, which are suitable for continuous work and low iron content.

Self-unloading suspended permanent magnet: This equipment requires electricity (equipment accessory geared motor)

Construction of self-unloading suspended permanent magnet permanent magnet separator:

This model consists of high-performance permanent magnet core, iron-dissipating belt, geared motor, frame, roller and other parts, and is accompanied by various conveyors.

suspended permanent magnet is an iron removing device capable of automatically unloading iron. During the working process, the ferromagnetic substance continuously adsorbed on the iron remover is automatically thrown by the rotation of the unloading iron belt to achieve the purpose of automatic unloading. It can remove 0.1-35kg of ferromagnetic material, and the internal permanent magnet magnetic system can last for more than 10 years. This type of machine is under a wide application range, low failure rate, energy saving, convenient maintenance, stable and reliable operation in a very harsh environment. It is a model adopted by various manufacturers and has an explosion-proof type.

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