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Don’t ignore the details when Suspended permanent magnet separator

With the improvement of the cement marking in China and the continuous improvement of the technical transformation of various cement enterprises, the technological transformation of the grinding system has become an important process of the cement plant. To improve the output and discharge the fineness of the suspended permanent magnet separator. It is necessary to modify the working system of the iron remover center, using the suspended permanent magnet separator and the electromagnetic iron remover. The material of the iron removal material under such equipment is generally less than 10 mm, so that the fine material is crushed, once mixed into the chain, the wrench, Irons such as bolts and scrap irons will cause serious damage to the iron remover. If it is damaged, the hammer head, the lining plate and the screen strip will be damaged, which will seriously endanger the central part of the iron remover and the bearing and other important parts. Therefore, the selection of a high-performance, reassuring iron remover can truly avoid similar problems.

However, if an inferior iron remover produced by an irregular manufacturer is used, there may be a phenomenon that the iron is not cleaned by the iron, and the phenomenon that the iron is broken by the iron is also common, because the inferior electromagnetic or permanent magnet remover generally has a cut corner, and the performance is unstable. Defects such as short life, these defects are generally not easy to find the user, so that they will cause hidden danger for continued use in the future.

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