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Don’t let go if you use a Overband Magnet

The Overband Magnet has the function of self-unloading iron, so that the iron remover can largely liberate the user’s hands during the work process, reduce the labor intensity of the operator, and improve the iron removal efficiency. . However, in the process of using the Overband Magnet, it is impossible to completely dispose of it, and let it work on its own. In some matters needing attention, the user needs to pay more attention to ensure the normal use of the Overband Magnet.

Overband Magnet
For the Overband Magnet, the operator must not stand in front of the equipment when starting, in order to prevent accidental injury to the personnel caused by the iron carried on the iron remover. In the operation of the Overband Magnet, it is necessary to pay attention to the smoothness of its operation, whether there are some abnormal noises and its iron removal, it should be noted that the iron-removing tape can not be deflected or chipped. Do not turn off the dump iron remover during the running belt. Pay close attention to the temperature of the excitation magnet and the operation of the fan during operation. If the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, it should be decisively stopped for inspection.