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Don’t neglect the acceptance work before installing the suspension permanent magnet

The suspension permanent magnet is designed by computer simulation and has a perfect dual magnetic pole structure, which ensures a large adsorption capacity for iron debris within the working distance. The magnetic material inside the device uses high-strength neodymium iron boron material and magnetic core. The neodymium iron boron used has high purity, large amount and strong magnetic force, and can easily absorb iron debris. Many users can’t wait to install and put them into production after purchasing suspension permanent magnets. In fact, before installing suspension permanent magnets, they must first do a good job of acceptance. Lifting equipment should be used when moving the suspension permanent magnet. When lifting the equipment, the steel rope should be sleeved on the ring of the iron remover. Before lifting the equipment, you need to check the hanger, lifting rigging and iron remover. Is the lifting ring loose before lifting? The acceptance criteria for suspension permanent magnets are as follows:

1. First, check the reliability of the connection between the two ends of the suspension permanent magnet suspension device;
2. Confirm whether the track limit device of the walking car is safe and reliable, and also observe whether the running of the car is stable;
3. After the trolley moves back and forth to the iron suction, after the limit of discarding iron, the center of the suspension permanent magnet should be aligned with the center of the belt and the center of the trolley;
4. If two devices are installed on a belt, use the program control to check whether the alternating operation is accurate, stable and reliable. Each unit must be run at least 10 round trips without load, without any problems before it can be put into trial production operation;
5. After putting into production trial operation, pay special attention to observe and check the running status of the suspension permanent magnet host, the accuracy of the stop position after the capacity of suction and discarding iron is limited, and whether the alternating operation procedure is confusing.
6. Pay attention to observe the operation status and the suction and discharge capacity of the suspension permanent magnet machine. You can manually put the iron with different weight and shape into the material to detect the suction and discarding capacity of the host. Make adjustments.

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