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Effective solution for cleaning impurities of suspension permanent magnet

Everyone knows that some impurities will inevitably accumulate after the suspension permanent magnet is used for a period of time. After the dirt on the surface continues to increase, it will affect the normal operating efficiency of the suspension permanent magnet. Therefore, everyone needs to pay more attention to observation and clean up in time. Here, Henderson Magnet offers several effective cleaning solutions for our customers:

1. Choose a reasonable cleaning method. There are many types of cleaning methods for suspension permanent magnets, including manual cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, mechanical cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. No matter which cleaning method is used, the surface of the magnetic source or the iron-absorbing medium must be fully cleaned. High-pressure flushing also requires attention to flushing pressure, time, and water volume.
2. Demagnetization cleaning is the key to improve the suspension permanent magnet cleaning. To clean out magnetic impurities in a magnetic state, not only must the magnetic field be attractive to the impurities, but also the cohesive force of the impurities itself, so it is much easier to clean and save water.
3. The structure of the suspension permanent magnet magnetic source or iron-absorbing medium should be simple. The structure of the magnetic source or the iron-absorbing medium should be simple, smooth and convex, so that it is more convenient to clean. The structural design of the high-pressure nozzle should be reasonable, and the sprayed water should fully contact the surface of the iron-absorbing medium.
4. The cleaning cycle should be appropriate. The cleaning cycle is related to the iron content, viscosity, and concentration of the mud. The higher the iron content of the mud, the higher the viscosity, and the shorter the cleaning cycle is required. The cleaning cycle is as short as possible in principle, but if it is too short, the ability of the magnetic source or iron-absorbing medium to adsorb impurities cannot be fully utilized and affects the flow rate. Frequent cleaning will increase energy consumption and reduce the service life of equipment components. The cleaning cycle is too long, exceeding the saturation point of the ability to adsorb impurities once, it will reduce the effect of iron removal, and it is not conducive to cleaning. Therefore, in the iron removal process, the cleaning cycle is generally judged by observing the iron removal efficiency, the presence or absence of clogging, and the like.

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