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Essential knowledge for purchasing suspended permanent magnet separator products

When you choose a suspended permanent magnet separator, you will often encounter price problems. Inquiries from multiple manufacturers are often trapped in the contradiction between the quality of the iron separators. Buyers want to buy cheap and guaranteed products. However, in the current market, there are many products that attract customers, regardless of quality, and give low prices. This allows customers to be induced, often towards very low prices. The direction of the price is considered, and the stability of the use of the equipment, the quality of the work effect, and the subsequent service guarantee are neglected. This brings endless troubles to their subsequent use. So how much do you know about the iron remover manufacturers on the market?

Usually they will shop around when buying something, find a cheap price, excellent quality, good service attitude, therefore, have to choose a good magnetic separator manufacturer in the purchase of suspended permanent magnetic separator , a good magnetic separator manufacturers need to have “three excellent three-good” characteristics, namely excellent quality, good quality, excellent prices, good reputation, good reputation, good service.
After choosing a good manufacturer of suspended permanent magnet separators, you can start to choose the desired iron remover. Under normal circumstances, if the mechanical iron is not very high, the electromagnetic iron remover can be used. If one machine is not clean enough, it can be filtered by two or more serial filters.
If the iron removal requirements are very high, and the serial operation of multiple suspended permanent magnet separators can not meet the requirements, then it is necessary to use a strong magnetic field electromagnetic separator, and the electromagnetic separator can also be used in multiple serial operations. In order to achieve a better iron removal effect. If the iron removal requirement is low, in addition to iron in the belt production line, a suspended permanent magnet separator can also be used.
If you don’t know which type of electromagnetic iron remover you want, you can tell the manufacturer you want to buy according to the material you need to remove iron, then the salesperson will introduce you to the electromagnetic iron remover that is suitable for you.

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