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Experience with the use and maintenance of suspended permanent magnet separators

Suspended permanent magnet separators cover a wide range of industries, and can be seen in major domestic mining companies. Everyone knows that suspended permanent magnet separators are easy to use and easy to install. In fact, the hanging permanent magnet iron remover has many advantages. Firstly, the suspended permanent magnet iron remover does not need to be energized, and can be installed and used at any time, has low requirements on the working environment, has no excitation coil, and saves electricity and energy. There are no insulation and pressure problems. An explosion-proof dust collector can be used with an anti-explosive motor-driven scrap iron conveyor belt. In addition, there is no need for a power supply, and thus there is no case where the iron piece sucked on the iron remover is returned to the conveyed material again when the power is turned off, thereby avoiding a lot of troubles in use and reducing the workflow.
Secondly, there is no heating problem in the suspended permanent magnet separator. The magnetic field strength is not divided into cold state, the magnetic field is constant, and there is no need to install a rectifier control device, and the reliability is high.

Suspended permanent magnet separator is the pioneer of energy-saving and emission-reducing equipment. It has low resource consumption and low discharge of waste water. It is widely used in large, medium and small domestic concentrating plants. It is easy to use and has low requirements on working environment. The suspended permanent magnet separator is composed of NdFeB permanent magnet core, iron-dissipating belt, geared motor, frame, roller, etc. It is used together with various conveyors to automatically remove ferromagnetic substances from non-magnetic materials. For occasions where there is more iron in the material. High-performance NdFeB is used as a magnetic source, which is strong in magnetic properties and is not easy to demagnetize. The two sides of the drum are in the shape of a waist drum, with automatic rectification function and excellent sealing, so it can be well adapted to various harsh environments. The control part can be interlocked with the belt conveyor, which can realize local manual control and centralized control.

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