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For the Overband Magnet motor maintenance is very particular about

For the Overband Magnet, the motor is an important driving device. The function of the iron remover to complete the automatic iron unloading operation is very important. If the motor is damaged, the strong magnetic iron remover is equivalent to re-purchase, the strong magnetic separator motor maintenance How should we do it? The following is a detailed introduction by the iron remover manufacturer:
1. The motor of the strong magnetic separator is often tested for vibration, abnormal noise and abnormal odor. When the motor is running, especially for high-power motors, it is necessary to check the anchor bolts, motor end covers, bearing glands, etc., whether the grounding device is reliable or not.
2. Check the temperature of the Overband Magnet motor. Always check the temperature of the bearings, stators, casings, etc. of the iron remover motor for abnormal changes, especially for motors without voltage, current and frequency monitoring and without overload protection. Whether there are cracks, scratches or defects on the rolling element and raceway surface of the bearing, whether the bearing clearance is excessively shaken, and whether the inner ring rotates on the shaft or the like. In any of the above cases, the bearings must be renewed before they can be reworked.
3. Check the three-phase current balance of the motor of the Overband Magnet. For a three-phase asynchronous motor, the difference between the current of any one of the three-phase currents and the average of the other two-phase currents cannot exceed 10%, so as to ensure the safe operation of the motor. If it is exceeded, it indicates that the motor is faulty, so be sure to find out the cause and eliminate it in time.
4. Keep the Overband Magnet motor working at rated current. The main reason for the overload operation of the Overband Magnet is that the load is too high, the voltage is too low, or the driven mechanical jam is caused. Therefore, in the operation of the strong magnetic separator motor, it should be noted that it is often flexible and reliable to check whether the transmission is running. The concentricity of the coupling is not standard, the flexibility of the gear transmission, etc. If it is found that there is a stuck phenomenon, Immediately shut down to find out the cause and then run it after troubleshooting.

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