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Four main points of using suspension permanent magnet in iron ore plant

The application of suspension permanent magnet is also very important for iron ore plants. So do you understand some of the main points of using iron separators in iron ore plants? Let me explain for you.

1.Suspension permanent magnets are the key equipment for iron removal operations and other iron removal equipment to complete the production and processing of high-quality iron and stone aggregates to provide high-quality building materials for the development of the construction industry. The most commonly used production method for iron removal production lines is the dry method Iron removal production and wet iron removal production, these two methods can be described as their own strengths, are commonly used production technology in China’s iron ore industry.
2. In the process of the iron removal production line, the suspension permanent magnet equipment is taken as the core and the main equipment such as feeders, vibrating screens, crushers, iron washing machines, belt conveyors and other main equipment form a production chain, which enhances the efficiency of iron removal production Among them, in the dry iron removal production line, the large dust impurities in the iron ore can be effectively removed without using water. Just select a powder separator for the suspension permanent magnet.
3. The use of suspension permanent magnets can not only ensure the quality of the iron stone, but also improve the grade of the iron stone. Just like the “wet type” on the wet iron removal production line, it is necessary to use a lot of water resources, which requires the use of iron washing There are many advantages of iron washing machine equipment, such as energy saving, environmental protection, and high efficiency. The production technology of iron washing machine equipment uses circulating water to wash the iron after being finely crushed by suspension permanent magnets. Choose clean, which not only solves the pollution of water resources, but also reduces the waste of mineral resources.
4. From the above introduction, you can know that the suspension permanent magnet equipment can be used for both dry iron removal and wet iron removal. This shows that the equipment is powerful and has very good results in iron removal. Artificial iron and stone produced by permanent magnets can replace Hesha to become the mainstream building material for future construction.

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