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Four tips for matching an Overband Magnet

The use of Overband Magnet is believed to have a general understanding, mainly for the removal of magnetic substances of various materials. With the development of production technology, the types and uses of iron removers are constantly expanding. So where do you start when you choose an Overband Magnet?
First of all, when using the Overband Magnet, it is necessary to have a general understanding of the function and use of the machine. The understanding mainly includes the granularity and nature of the magnetic material, the requirements of removing iron, the working environment and the characteristics of the Overband Magnet itself.
Secondly, it is necessary to debug the Overband Magnet according to the actual situation of the site. If the material is too thick, it can be used with the WCTG series non-magnetic parallel roller. Of course, in order to make the work efficiency more ideal, the height of the suspension can be appropriately adjusted. Turn down.
Third, if the content of ferromagnetic material in the material is small or basically absent in the selected working environment, then the GJT series metal detector and the strong magnetic self-unloading electric and Overband Magnet can be selected. By using this, it is possible to achieve energy saving, longevity, and iron removal.
Fourth, if the working environment is dusty or relatively dirty, then the Overband Magnet of the CF, RCDB, and RCDE series and the Overband Magnet of the RCY series will be an ideal choice.

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