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High performance Overband Magnet should meet the standard

The Overband Magnet is widely used due to its excellent characteristics. This type of iron remover needs to remove iron from raw materials in various industries such as building materials, chemicals, food, ceramics, mining, etc. In practice, only continuous improvement and extension are required. The service life of the iron can maximize the profit of the user. What kind of standard should a high-performance Overband Magnet meet?
1. Low energy consumption, uniform magnetic field distribution and good iron removal effect;
2, using H-class electromagnetic coil, has a higher insulation level, large overload current, long service life of the coil;
3. The magnetic mesh made of special stainless steel magnetically permeable material allows the high magnetic field to fully combine with the iron in the slurry, which enhances the adsorption capacity of iron, and when the iron is cut off, the magnetic network will not Magnetic residue makes the iron removal more thorough;
4. The de-ironing is washed by a vibration motor and a high-pressure water pump. There is no dead angle or residue in the iron.

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