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How can the suspension magnetic separator have strong innovation ability

Suspension magnetic separator manufacturers: The manufacturing model of the traditional iron removal equipment industry can adapt to the needs of today’s society, but this is only in certain specific aspects, but from the perspective of the entire big market, traditional equipment It has been unable to effectively meet market demand. It is urgent to adjust the traditional model and adopt new models to promote development in the market. However, the current market competition is particularly fierce, especially the participation of foreign competitors, which intensifies the severe situation of competition. As a part of the market, suspension magnetic separator equipment should seize all opportunities and promote the development of manufacturers, mainly to enhance manufacturers’ production innovation capabilities.
Domestic suspension magnetic separator equipment currently has several problems. First, the overall strength of the manufacturer is insufficient, and many manufacturers have insufficient energy in research, new product development and technological innovation. Some manufacturers only set up The department is in a state of standstill, and such a situation cannot effectively meet the needs of the country’s infrastructure. Secondly, there are great problems in the equipment, technology, quality and service of the equipment, which leads to a low contribution rate of equipment to the demand for machinery in the market. Therefore, in order to change the above situation, it is necessary to enhance the innovation ability of the equipment. Actively learn from foreign advanced technology, especially in the production of suspension magnetic separator equipment, in addition to the need to pay attention to the production capacity of the equipment itself, enhance the material magnetic separation capacity of the equipment, and the recovery and utilization of tailings, relying on High-tech technology injects new vitality into the faster development of equipment.

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