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How long does it take to clean the Belt Magnetic

No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, it must be cleaned regularly in daily use. For hanging electromagnetic separators, cleaning is also an indispensable part of everyday maintenance. Belt Magnetic belongs to a semi-active iron remover, which removes magnetic impurities in the slurry through a magnetic current field generated by a DC excitation power source. If it is not possible to clean it in time, there may be unexpected failure that seriously affect the progress of the iron removal operation. How long has that girl usually necessary to clean the Belt Magnetic?

The cleaning cycle of the Belt Magnetic is tied to the iron content, viscosity and concentration of the slurry. The higher the iron content of the mud, the greater the viscosity and the shorter the period of cleaning required. In principle, the cleaning cycle is as short as possible, but if it is too rapid, the ability of the magnetic source or the iron-absorbing medium to adsorb impurities cannot be fully exerted, and the flow rate is affected. Frequent cleaning also increases the energy consumption and leads to the service life of the device components. Reduce.

If the cleaning cycle is too long, surpassing the saturation point of the adsorption impurity. It will reduce the effect of iron removal and is not conducive to clean. Therefore, the cleaning cycle is usually determined after investigation of the iron removal power, presence or absence of clogging, etc. in the iron removal process.