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How to achieve automatic unloading of Overband Magnet

The Overband Magnet is a de-ironing device that needs to generate electric force by relying on electric energy. The iron remover uses the current magnetic field formed by the DC excitation power source to remove the magnetic impurities in the material. In the past, the Overband Magnet cleaning was performed after the power was cut off, and the iron medium was taken out for manual cleaning. Since the Overband Magnet can generate a very strong magnetic field, the honeycomb structure of the honeycomb structure is taken out for cleaning at intervals. In order to improve the efficiency of iron removal and to cut off electricity, continuous iron removal can be achieved. Now the Overband Magnet is generally operated by wireless remote control. When the amount of impurities adsorbed by the Overband Magnet reaches a certain amount, the wireless remote control can be manually controlled to remove the iron impurities, and it takes only a few seconds to The iron impurities are all removed and the operation is extremely simple.
After the Overband Magnet is powered off, the magnetic force disappears with the interruption of the current, so the advantage of using the Overband Magnet compared to the permanent magnet iron remover is that the Overband Magnet will magnetically with the disappearance of the current. It disappears, making it easier to remove iron.

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