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How to automate the suspension magnetic separator

Suspension magnetic separator, as its name implies, is a special iron remover device that can automatically remove iron and its compounds contained in materials to reduce iron impurities in the materials and improve the grade of materials.
According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, it is known that a magnetic field is generated near the energized coil, and the magnetic field has a relatively strong attraction to ferromagnetic substances.
The suspension magnetic separator also uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, and an electromagnet wound by a coil is installed directly above the material belt conveyor. The detailed composition of the suspension magnetic separator is composed of an electromagnet, a hoisting rope, an electric hoist, a guide rail, a PLC controller, and a control cable. The electromagnet is connected to the electric hoist via a hanging rope, the electric hoist is placed on the guide rail, and the PLC controller passes Laying the cable is connected with the electric hoist to control the in and out of the electric hoist, and the power of the solenoid is controlled by the PLC to switch on and off time.

When the belt conveyor is started, the synchronous start electromagnet adsorbs the ferromagnetic impurities in the material flowing through the belt to the bottom of the electromagnet. When a certain amount of ferromagnetic impurities accumulates at the bottom of the electromagnet, the electromagnetic chuck is moved from the upper part of the belt conveyor to a specified position by the PLC to control the electrical drag to actively power off and unload the iron, and all the ferromagnetic impurities at the bottom of the electromagnet are removed. After being dropped, the PLC controlled the electric drag to move the electromagnetic chuck above the belt conveyor, and at the same time energized the electromagnet to complete the automatic iron removal control.
Suspension magnetic separator is applied to the non-ferromagnetic particles or powdery materials during the conveying process of the belt, it automatically sucks out the iron and its compounds to reduce the iron impurities in the material and improve the grade of the material. High, iron removal efficiency, convenient use and protection, saving labor and time. Suitable for metallurgy, mining, medicine, food and other industries.

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