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How to balance economical use when using Overband Magnet remover

In order to make the use of Overband Magnet separators play their due value, in addition to ensuring high iron removal efficiency, it also reflects economics. With regard to how the iron remover can be more economical while producing more efficiently, here are a few points:
1. In the same production line, the Overband Magnet iron remover can be used together with the electromagnetic equipment. Firstly, the ferromagnetic iron impurities are removed by the Overband Magnet iron remover with lower price and relatively high magnetic field, and then the purchase and use cost is utilized. High-power, high-power Overband Magnet iron removers with strong magnetic fields for further screening.
2, the Overband Magnet separator in addition to the diameter of the iron rod should not be too large. Increasing the contact area between the magnetic source and the miscellaneous material can increase the probability of capturing the prey. By increasing the straight through, the surface area of ​​the iron removing rod can be made, but the permanent magnetic source material can reduce the rod straightness under the premise of the same weight. Increase the number of roots to increase the surface area to a greater extent. When the cross section of the large flow slurry is high, it can be processed by stacking the magnetic rods in multiple layers.
3. The old magnetic bar of Overband Magnet separator can be refurbished by magnetization. As long as the magnetic rod sleeve is not rotted, the core has no oxidative deterioration. After renovation, it can achieve the same effect of the new rod, which can save About fifty cost inputs.

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