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How to build high quality and low price suspension permanent magnet

Henderson Magneto has been working in the iron removal equipment industry for nearly 20 years, and has fully understood and analyzed the specific parameters of the suspension permanent magnet research and development. Hope to produce high-efficiency suspension permanent magnets to help users.

In order to meet the requirements of multiple users, we will pay close attention to the production process of suspension permanent magnets to ensure product quality, and will also make appropriate adjustments to the price of suspended permanent magnets according to market feedback, and ensure that within the validity of the contract The user unit provides corresponding iron-removing technology exchange services to repay the trust of the market and users. The normal operating temperature control of suspension permanent magnets is generally controlled by room temperature or exhaust cooling equipment. During the iron removal process, the operating environment temperature of the equipment can be controlled to within 80 degrees Celsius, and relatively inexpensive suspension permanent magnets can be used. Production materials save costs. Most of the equipment used abroad is large-scale suspension permanent magnet equipment. The equipment is relatively large and expensive. In comparison, the suspension permanent magnet produced by Hengji Magnetoelectricity is not inferior to the same type of equipment abroad. The price of suspension permanent magnets is equivalent to 1 / 3-1 / 8 of imported equipment. Hengji Magnetoelectric produces suspension permanent magnets have certain advantages in price and performance. They are often exported to foreign countries, far to Europe, and near To Japan and South Korea. The role of the magnetic separator is to absorb the iron and magnetic impurities that affect the operation of the production equipment and the quality of the product. The suspension permanent magnet also plays such a role.


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