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How to check the position after installing the Overband Magnet

Any mechanical equipment can be put into use directly after installation. The Overband Magnet is also natural. Some necessary inspections and adjustments cannot be ignored, so as to avoid any danger. How should the Overband Magnet be inspected after installation? Do you do your job?
The Overband Magnet is an electromagnetic device for removing the iron in the loose non-magnetic material, and is generally installed at the front or middle position of the belt feeder. The checks that need to be performed are as follows:
1. It is necessary to check the connection reliability of the two ends of the Overband Magnet.
2, Overband Magnet rated hanging height H or inclination angle α = 15o-30o, should be tested and adjusted according to the instructions on the instructions.
3. If the horizontal direction is installed, the working surface of the lower part of the Overband Magnet should be measured as parallel as possible with the conveyor belt. Whether installed horizontally or obliquely, the iron remover cannot be tilted laterally.
4. For the non-fixed hoisting of the Overband Magnet, the safety and reliability of the track limit device of the walking trolley and the stability of the trolley operation should also be checked.
5, Overband Magnet to conduct power test run, whether it is stable and reliable, no-load trial run time of 10 minutes. After the observation operation is normal, it can be put into production trial operation.

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