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How to choose and use Overband Magnet iron remover

The progress of Overband Magnet iron remover is obvious to everyone. It has changed from simple structure to intelligent and reliable high-quality equipment. It has solved the worries of many industries, has less requirements on the working environment and greatly improved work efficiency. It is the representative of innovative iron removal equipment. The inside of the Overband Magnet  is composed of a high-coercivity, high-remanence special permanent magnet NdFeB and other materials to form a composite magnetic system. No need for rectification control, high reliability. In addition, there is no temperature rise problem in Overband Magnet after innovation, and there is no insulation and pressure resistance. The continuous improvement of the Overband Magnet reduces the work pressure of the workers and improves the work efficiency, but the necessary cleaning work is indispensable. When the shift is completed, the work area should be cleaned up and the items should be neatly arranged.

The purchase of high-quality Overband Magnet is an important condition to ensure the effect. The reasonable installation of Overband Magnet is an important step to play the effect. Therefore, when the Overband Magnet is installed, it is generally necessary to have the guidance of the manufacturer, only correct. The installation can guarantee the efficiency of work. Let me explain it to you.
In addition to strong magnetic impurities, weak magnetic fields are used to reduce the cost of purchase and use; in addition to weak magnetic impurities, strong magnetic fields must be used, and the cost of purchase and use is high. In the same production line, the strong magnetic impurities should be removed first, and then the weak magnetic impurities should be removed. The iron removal should be carried out in the selected raw materials to avoid large particles and other impurities entering the iron removal tank, which hinders the normal performance of the Overband Magnet. Remove iron as much as possible at a lower temperature to extend the life of the magnet. Mastering the right rules will make the use of the device to its fullest.

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