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How to control the cost of suspended permanent magnet separator

The suspended permanent magnet separator is a device that can generate strong magnetic field attraction. It can remove the ferromagnetic substances mixed in the material. How to control the use cost of the suspended permanent magnet separator?
1. In the same production line, permanent magnets can be used in combination. First, use a low-cost magnetic field with a weak magnetic field to remove the strong magnetic iron impurities. After the purchase price and the use cost are high, the magnetic field is high. Strong high-power electromagnetic iron remover.
2. When selecting the diameter of the permanent magnet iron removal rod, it is not suitable to choose a large size. Because increasing the surface area of ​​the magnetic source in contact with iron impurities, it can increase the chance of trapping impurities. Although increasing the straightness can increase the surface area of ​​a rod, the permanent magnet source material reduces the straightness of the magnetic rod under the same weight. By increasing the number of roots, the surface area can be greatly increased. When the cross section of the large flow slurry is high, it can be processed in the form of a multi-layer magnetic rod stack.
3. The old magnetic bar is magnetized and refurbished. As long as the casing of the magnetic bar is not rotten, the magnetic core is not oxidized and deteriorated. The refurbishment can reach the original level and the effect is the same, and the investment can save about 50%.


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