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How to correct the suspension of the Suspended permanent magnet

Many users are keen to understand the correction method of the suspension of the Suspended permanent magnet. The following is an explanation by the experts of Henderson Magnetism:

First, it is necessary to adjust the roller support, and observes which side of the belt is deflected, and adjust the roller support according to the direction of the figure. After repeating adjustments until the belt is adjusted to the desired position. The position should be accurately installed before adjusting the drive or redirecting the drum. When viewed in the direction shown, first adjust any one of the rollers supports 1, 2, 3, 4 in the direction shown in the figure to adjust to the appropriate position. Then, any one of the driven roller bearings blocks 1, 2 is adjusted to an appropriate position. If the driven roller bearing housing has been adjusted to the amount, the other drove roller bearing housing is adjusted until the belt runs off.

The adjustment of the belt conveyor deviation of the two-way belt is much more difficult than the adjustment of the deviation of the one-way belt conveyor. In the peculiar adjustment, one direction should be adjusted first, and then the other direction should be adjusted.

When making adjustments, carefully observe the relationship between the direction of belt movement and the trend of deviation, and adjust them one by one. The emphasis should be given to the adjustment of the drive roller and the redirecting roller, followed by the adjustment of the idler and the adjustment of the blanking point of the material. At the same time, it should be noted that when the belt is vulcanized. The force on the length of the belt section should be uniform. When the chain is pulled, the forces on both sides should be fixed as equal as possible.