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How to ensure you buy high quality suspension permanent magnets

The easy-to-use iron remover must be a high-quality and low-cost equipment, which can guarantee the work efficiency and work quality, and has a long service life, so that it can be truly worry-free. A high-performance suspension permanent magnet is equivalent to two ordinary iron removers, and the efficiency and quality of the work will surprise customers.
When the suspended permanent magnet is installed on the head of the belt conveyor, the material has inertial force and is loose when leaving the belt, which is good for removing iron. If the drive of the belt head is changed to non-magnetic material, the iron removal effect will be more it is good. When the suspension type permanent magnet is installed in the middle of the belt conveyor to remove iron, the idler roller under the iron remover can be changed to a non-magnetic flat roller, which can further improve the iron removal effect. The hanging device of the iron remover shall be selected according to the actual needs of the on-site working environment, and shall be purchased after measuring the hanging position of the iron remover and the environmental conditions.

The suspension permanent magnet produced by Henderson has been in the mining industry for many years and has a deep customer base. It has won the trust of many mineral processing companies. Thanks to our continuous efforts and innovation, we constantly develop new models and improve suspension. The working efficiency and process flow of permanent magnets strive to meet the iron removal needs of our customers. Suspension permanent magnets are widely used, and many industries can see their separation and hard work. It is used in brick and tile factories for iron removal maintenance of crushers, roller machines and brick machines. In glass and ceramics factories, it is used to remove iron impurities and iron powder in order to maintain damage to equipment and improve the quality of glass.

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