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How to get started with the Overband Magnet

The Overband Magnet has also been used as a self-unloading iron remover. It is upgraded from the ordinary suspension iron remover. It is a kind of iron remover with automatic unloading function specially developed to improve the iron removal efficiency. If there are more ferromagnetic substances in the material, the Overband Magnet is the preferred iron remover model, and its working principle and working environment are strictly required. What are the operating procedures and requirements for the Overband Magnet? Since the belt on the iron remover continues to operate, when the ferromagnetic material adsorbed on it passes through the non-magnetic area, it is scraped off by the scraper on the belt and thrown into the iron collecting box, thereby realizing continuous iron removal by the Overband Magnet. effect. Today, I will share with you some of the use of the Overband Magnet so that everyone can easily get started with it in the future.
Operation requirements for belt type iron remover
1. The operator needs to pass the professional and technical training of this type of work, pass the examination, and obtain the qualification certificate before they can hold the certificate.
2. Familiar with the process of this operation and understand the amount of impurities in coal.
3. Familiar with the structure, performance and working principle of the iron remover, familiar with its operation method, and require and eliminate the general fault method.
4. Strictly implement the procedures, technical operation procedures, post responsibility system, handover system and other relevant regulations.
5. Wear labor insurance products as required during the job.

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