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How to improve the belt magnetic separator

Belt magnetic separator manufacturer: With the development of the machinery industry, the efficiency of many enterprises has been greatly improved, and the improvement of work efficiency has also promoted the renewal of the machine. The transportation belt of the iron remover is wider and wider, and the speed of the belt is also higher. The faster the process, the higher the throughput and the finer the requirements for the impurity removal, the higher the requirements for the belt magnetic separator, so how to develop the belt magnetic separator in the future can better adapt to the current market. What? The technicians of the iron remover manufacturer believe that the following points are:
First, the belt magnetic separator requires a strong magnetic field and a high gradient. According to the principle of electromagnetic intensity gradient, a variety of magnetic focusing methods are used to increase the magnetic field strength of the iron remover. In the process of processing fine iron and raw materials, there will inevitably be some fine iron powder produced by the wear of small iron parts and equipment, and sometimes there will be a small amount of iron-titanium minerals, and the industrial requirements for impurity removal are increasing, so it is necessary to improve the self-unloading. The iron removal ability of the electromagnetic iron remover can remove this part of the fine iron impurities and develop toward the finer direction. The belt magnetic separator removes a magnetic field by current, which consumes a large amount of power during operation, and its heat dissipation system also consumes energy.
Although the permanent magnet belt magnetic separator does not consume power, in some industries, the electromagnetic belt magnetic separator has an irreplaceable advantage (such as a ceramics factory), thereby saving energy has become a trend of the development of a dump-type electromagnetic separator. The development of machinery is moving towards the road of automation. The old-style iron remover can’t keep up with the pace of the times. How do we update our products? It should be closer to automation and more flexible, which will be the direction of the belt magnetic separator in the future.


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