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How to make the Overband Magnet use longer and more efficient

The high-efficiency operation of the iron remover can be achieved by all users who use the Overband Magnet. This is a challenge for the iron remover manufacturer and the manufacturer. In order to do this, many aspects should be done. jobs.

Cleaning thoroughly improves the life of the Overband Magnet

In addition to the correct operation strategy, the maintenance of Overband Magnet must master the basic cleaning techniques. The work of the Overband Magnet will accumulate a lot of dirt. These dirt need to be cleaned and treated in time. If it is properly cleaned, the working efficiency of the Overband Magnet can be ensured, and the life of the iron remover can be extended appropriately.
The surface of the magnetic source or magnetically absorbing medium is smooth and clean, and there is no mud on the surface after cleaning. Energy saving and environmental protection. During the cleaning process, the cleaning time is short, the cleaning water is consumed less, the environmental pollution is small, and the iron is completely discharged. In the design of the iron passage of the Overband Magnet, the cleaned sewage can be completely discharged from the machine, and the impurities in the sewage are not precipitated in the passage, thereby affecting the effect of removing iron.

Store the magnetic bar of the Overband Magnet

The magnetic bar is the guarantee and source of the magnetic properties of the Overband Magnet. When the iron remover is deactivated, it should pay attention to the storage work of the magnetic bar. The correct storage method can ensure the magneticity of the device, indirectly save the maintenance cost and bring the customer Economic benefits and increased service life.
When the magnetic separator is used to complete the task, the magnetic source carrier should be thoroughly cleaned, one is to avoid oxidation, and the other is to prevent dry solid blockage. In addition, when purchasing the ferromagnetic bar, it is necessary to carefully check whether the two seals are intact and there is no leakage, so as to avoid the magnetic core contacting the slurry and causing oxidation or corrosion and demagnetization. The operator should pay attention to excessive tapping and vibration, which will lead to the partial magnetic moment of the magnetic material, which will weaken the magnetic field.

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