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How to Overband Magnet separators for mine mining

Overband Magnet iron remover manufacturers: industrial production is inseparable from the exploitation and utilization of various ores. Since it is natural to mine, large ore needs to be crushed. In the process of crushing, some iron mines are known to have high iron content. It is difficult to be crushed by the crusher. If a large amount of iron impurities frequently enters the crusher, it is easy to cause damage to the mining machinery. Once the iron block damages the crusher and other machinery, it will not be worth the loss. The first is to repair the crushing machine, which costs a certain amount of cost, and more importantly, delays the production schedule. Therefore, in the mining of ore, before the gravel is conveyed by the belt to the crusher, it is necessary to install a Overband Magnet iron remover to treat the iron impurities.
As a professional mine iron removal equipment, the Overband Magnet iron remover will have a very strong magnetic force in the process of work. It can adsorb the iron blocks passing through or close to the iron remover, and after a certain weight, it will separate itself and effectively protect it. The safety of mining equipment has greatly extended the service life. Effectively ensure that the construction period is completed according to the quality and quantity. Therefore, the Overband Magnet separator is an important guardian in the mining process.


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