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How to use suspension permanent magnets more responsibly

With the continuous development of the industrial industry, the requirements for material handling are becoming more and more strict, and the demand for high-efficiency iron removal equipment is gradually increasing. The suspension permanent magnet is particularly excellent as a comprehensive performance. The equipment is highly rated in the market.

The five characteristics of the suspension permanent magnet, the following is a detailed introduction for everyone:

1. Good sorting effect: The suspension permanent magnet adopts dynamic magnetic system design. The mineral material slides on the surface of the drum, displacement and tumbling, and the drum does not touch the material, which is beneficial to material sorting. The primary selection grade can be increased by 1-4 times. Selected grades can reach more than 60%.
2, the processing capacity is large: the suspension type permanent magnet adopts the wrapped open magnetic system, the material does not wrap the group, there is no clogging phenomenon, so the processing capacity is large, the processing capacity of the single primary sorting machine can reach more than 50 tons, and can also be multi-machine Parallel use in parallel can double the output.
3, adapt to the industry wide: suspension permanent magnets, divided into four categories, there are more than 20 varieties and specifications. It can meet the needs of various iron ore, river sand, tailings, steel slag, steel ash, sulfuric acid slag, abrasive, refractory materials, steel board, rubber, grain and many other industries. Some equipment can also be used in one machine.
4. High production efficiency: It can be continuously produced all the year round. For areas with complex environment, it can increase 100-150 working days per year, effectively improving equipment utilization.

The two performance indicators of suspension permanent magnets are magnetic induction on one hand and magnetic field distribution on the other, which are directly related to the processing capacity of the equipment. In other words, when you choose a belt type permanent magnet iron remover, you can customize these two points. Although the different models have different yields and basic parameters, the distribution of magnetic induction and magnetic fields is reasonable. It is necessary to meet the basic requirements.

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