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How to use the suspension magnetic separator correctly

Suspension magnetic separator can be used to remove ferromagnetism in mixed and bulk non-magnetic materials. It is usually mounted to the front or intermediate position of the belt conveyor. After the iron is removed, it is thrown through the unloading belt. Achieve the purpose of automatic iron removal. And can effectively avoid the longitudinal direction of the conveyor belt to crack, protect the crusher, grinding machine and other normal work. Therefore, the series of iron removers are widely used in electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal preparation, chemical and other industries.
Installation and commissioning of a suspended magnetic separator

Horizontal installation:

In addition to the upper and lower mountain sections, the large conveyor belts are horizontally operated, and the iron remover can be horizontally lifted above any horizontal section of the large belt.

Machine tilt (QX) installation:

When installed at the belt end, when the belt speed is high (more than 2m/s), it can be installed slightly away from the drum. The parabolic movement of the material helps the iron remover to pick up the iron; when the belt speed is slow ( Less than 2 m/s), the position of the suspended magnetic separator is moved back to the drum (the drum is made of non-magnetic material).

Three lifting methods for the suspension magnetic separator:

QX-A type hoisting: Four rods are hung on four fixed hooks.
QX-B hoisting: Four chains are hung on a double or monorail roller frame.
QX-C type hoisting: Four steel wire ropes are hoisted on the hanging plate of the monorail walking trolley.

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