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I want to make the Belt Magnetic separator life longer

Users who have purchased the Belt Magnetic remover want to use their equipment for a longer period of time. If you want to extend the service life of the Belt Magnetic remover, you must pay attention to some details of the use. First, you must do the following four aspects.
1. The conveyor belt used for the position where the Belt Magnetic remover is installed is preferably a non-magnetic material. If a magnetic substance is used, the iron remover will consume a part of the magnetic force for attracting the conveyor belt during operation, which may result in inefficient operation of the Belt Magnetic remover.
Second, the installation is also a problem that can not be ignored, it is best to install the equipment in a clean, well-ventilated, large space environment, which is not only conducive to heat dissipation, but also easy to repair equipment;
Third, the inspection of equipment should be carried out irregularly. Once the equipment is found to be damaged or parts are loose, it must be repaired or replaced in time;
Fourth, the cleaning work of the equipment should be done well, and the oil, dust, iron scraps on the conveyor belt and other debris should be cleaned frequently.
Iron separators are a necessity in industrial production, and the booming development of various industries has also driven the price of iron separators to rise. Therefore, if the life of the iron separator is extended, the production cost is reduced.
The four points mentioned above are the simplest and most basic use techniques. In fact, there are still many ways to extend the life of the iron remover. As long as you study more in use, you will find more use skills.


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