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Introduction to three knowledge points of suspended permanent magnet separator

Suspended permanent magnet separators are often used to remove iron impurities from non-magnetic bulk materials. The magnet of the iron remover is an excitation magnet composed of neodymium iron boron and ferrite. The magnetic base plate, the neodymium iron oxide block, the neodymium iron boron permanent magnet and the magnetic shielding plate form an E-shaped magnetic circuit. The magnetic iron remover can generate a sufficiently strong magnetic field, which has excellent iron removal effect and saves energy, which greatly improves reliability. Here are three tips for hanging permanent magnet separators:
1. Suspended permanent magnet separator is a kind of traditional iron removal equipment, and it is also a common iron removal equipment. Suspended permanent magnet separators play an increasingly important role in the mining and processing of mineral resources, carbon black, cement sand, chemicals, food, food, electricity and other fields. In recent years, the state has vigorously advocated the development of a circular economy with low carbon and environmental protection. Many hanging permanent magnet separators have begun to change their research and development direction, and have continuously introduced new environmentally-friendly iron removers for energy conservation and environmental protection to meet market demands and respond to calls. The continuous emergence of new low-carbon and environmentally-friendly iron removers not only continues to promote the rapid development of the economy, but also plays an important role in conserving resources and protecting the environment.
2. Fine suspended permanent magnet separator is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment with high technical content. It has unique mechanical structure, high gradient and high intensity magnetic field, especially suitable for coal mine, refractory materials, ceramics, chemical industry, cement, Building materials, grain and other industries remove iron parts from materials, which is conducive to product purification and protection of equipment normal operation, especially for some spherical iron parts that are difficult to remove in general iron remover, for small iron parts, such as detonators, small nuts, small The screw, small steel ball and other sorting effects are particularly remarkable, and it is an ideal iron removing device for occasions with high iron removal requirements.
3. The discharge port of the suspended permanent magnet separator. When the material passes through the suspended permanent magnet separator from the blanking pipe, the material is shunted and thinned by the front end diverter plate, and then enters the orthorhombic zone to turn the iron in the material to the direction of the vertical plate, reducing the iron layer of the material layer. The resistance of the piece is absorbed when the material carries the iron piece to the high field strength adsorption zone, and rotates to the rear area with the outer casing, and is separated from the strong magnetic field by gravity and centrifugal force to complete the iron cleaning work.

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