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Key points for installation and adjustment of Overband Magnet separator

The installation of the Overband Magnet iron remover is very convenient. It only needs to connect the inlet and outlet flanges in series with the material conveying pipeline. However, the installation and adjustment of the Overband Magnet separator should also be done as follows:
1. The installation inclination angle of the Overband Magnet iron remover (the angle between the middle line of the inlet and outlet ports and the horizontal plane) is preferably 55-60 degrees; the directions on both sides cannot be inclined (that is, the motor axis is kept horizontal). The discharge port can not be closedly connected with the iron pipe, and the iron joint is connected by a rectangular iron bucket or a trough joint. The distance between the taphole and the iron bucket is 60mm, so that if necessary, the metal tap may be manually opened. Obstructions (wires, blocks, etc.) are removed.
2. The electronic control system of the device can be directly connected to the power supply, and the device can work alone; it can also be controlled by the powder conveying system, and the opening and closing of the system determines whether the device works or not.
3. It is necessary to insert gasket or asbestos rope between the outlet and inlet flange connection surfaces of the Overband Magnet separator to ensure the sealing performance of the joint to prevent the dust from overflowing and polluting the environment.
4. After the initial power-on, it is necessary to observe whether the running direction of the equipment is correct. The following two methods can be used: A. Observe the steering of the geared motor, and the direction of rotation is consistent according to the arrow on the chain. B. Open the side observation port and place a ferromagnetic material (nut, etc.) with a particle size of less than 22 mm on the surface of the adsorption baffle. The movement of the object to the lower tap hole is correct. If the direction of motion is not correct, shut down immediately, change the direction of rotation of the motor and try again.
5. Before using the Overband Magnet iron remover, according to the mixing amount of ferromagnetic debris in the powder, adjust the start and stop time of the motor and adjust the button of the time relay in the electric control box to change the two times. Observe the value on the button. The reference selection time is: exercise time 10 seconds; intermittent time 3 to 10 minutes. The user can determine the time by using, observing and inspecting, and the time is not more than 3 kg per time. If the powder contains more iron or the temperature of the powder is too high, the working mode of the continuous operation of the reducer can also be adopted.
6. Before use, inject N68 (old brand 40#) mechanical lubricant into the chassis from the oil filling port. Refueling to the middle position of the oil level observation window, after use, it is found that the oil level is insufficient, and it can be added to the middle position of the oil level observation window. The oil replacement period is one year.
7. Under no circumstances should an excessively large iron block (≥0.1kg, length ≥80mm) be allowed to enter the machine to avoid malfunction of the magnet group or affect the iron removal effect.

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