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Key points for the use of Overband Magnet in autumn

Overband Magnet manufacturers: entering the fall, the temperature difference will become larger, the temperature will be slightly lower in the morning and evening, but it will still be very hot at noon, so pay special attention to the following when using the Overband Magnet:
1. Before using the Overband Magnet, pay attention to check the power supply line, avoid short circuit and burn the motor, check the wear of each component, add a sufficient amount of lubricating oil, and carry out a comprehensive inspection on the drive components. The phenomenon must be replaced in time, pay attention to the wear of the belt.
2. During the working process, the bearing oil temperature rises due to continuous operation of the Overband Magnet or other reasons. Then you need to stop working immediately, find the direct cause, and carry out maintenance.
3, the bearing must be important for the Overband Magnet, pay special attention to the maintenance of the bearing, regular lubrication work can extend the service life of the bearing.
4. It is especially important for the Overband Magnet to change seasons. When maintenance is required, it must be maintained on time to extend the life and safety of the Overband Magnet.
5. When moving and operating the Overband Magnet, the working surface should avoid severe impact and vibration.
6. In the autumn, the dew is heavier. After the outdoor Overband Magnet is finished, the iron remover should be covered to avoid serious damage caused by damp.

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