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Key points of motor maintenance for suspension permanent magnets

The suspension permanent magnet has higher cost than the magnetic material used in the electromagnetic iron removing device, but there is no excitation coil in use, so the energy consumption is low, and only the driving motor is required to drive the magnetic roller or the belt to rotate. Therefore, the core part of the permanent magnet iron remover that needs to be repaired is the motor. If the motor has damage to the iron remover, there is no way to work normally. Therefore, in the normal work, the iron remover needs to be maintained in order to make the iron remover. Longer life. So how should the suspension permanent magnet motor be maintained and maintained?
1. What is the necessity for maintenance of the suspension permanent magnet motor?
(1) The importance of the motor. Among the many components, the motor plays a vital role, which is equivalent to the heart of the machine. The heart stops how the machine can operate normally. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain the motor.
(2) Proper maintenance of the motor can effectively extend the working period of the suspension permanent magnet and achieve a longer service life.

2. What process should be used to maintain the suspension permanent magnet motor?
(1) Regularly check the working current of the motor: If the voltage of the motor is too low, it will cause overload behavior of the motor, causing the self-unloading permanent magnet separator to be stuck. Configure the correct voltage according to the requirements. In the work of removing iron, it is necessary to check whether the rotating device of the suspension permanent magnet is always flexible and reliable. If there is an abnormality, stop working immediately.
(2) Regularly check the vibration sound, noise, odor and other abnormal phenomena of the motor. In particular, check the grounding bolts, cover and bearings of the suspension permanent magnets for looseness.
(3) Reasonably arrange the working time of the suspension permanent magnet to avoid long-term work, and the motor temperature is too high, which will cause burns to the motor.
(4) Whether there are cracks, scratches or damage on the rolling element and raceway surface of the bearing, whether the bearing clearance is too large, there is sway, and the inner ring rotates on the shaft. In any of the above phenomena, the bearings should be renewed before continuing.


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