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Key points of operation control of Overband Magnet

The Overband Magnet is simple and convenient to use, and can adapt to various harsh working environments. The requirements for external environmental conditions are relatively low, and the magnetic impurities in many minerals can be effectively separated by ultra-high quality. The super magnetic system is the guarantee of its magnetic force and the reason why it has won many customers’ support. The Overband Magnet is a reassuring device that is satisfactory in terms of safety performance, work quality and working environment requirements.
The Henderson Overband Magnet  is simulated by advanced computer technology in the magnetic system design, and has a perfect double magnetic pole structure, which can well guarantee the adsorption capacity of iron objects in the working distance. The high-performance permanent magnetic system is equipped inside, which meets the requirements of product operation, and also reflects its energy-saving features in practical applications, which reduces the voltage used by enterprises and brings considerable practical benefits to the enterprise.

The Overband Magnet has a simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly, operation control and maintenance, small size, safe and reliable use, and can adapt to the old production and transformation installation. High magnetic induction, which is the need of high whiteness products, relatively low manufacturing and purchasing costs, and good sealing technology using magnetically permeable materials, can avoid oxidation and shorten the service life. In addition, Henderson Magneto has a variety of devices with different power levels of the same level to meet the needs of multi-stage series operation to meet the various needs of customers.

The Overband Magnet has a perfect operation mode, so it can adapt to various kinds of work in various occasions. The iron remover is representative of high-quality equipment, and its cost performance is extremely high, and it is used for high-strength removal of minerals that are difficult to remove iron. Ironware is completed to achieve satisfactory results.

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