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Knowledge of the selection and use of the Overband Magnet belt

A key component on the Overband Magnet is the unloading belt. It is usually installed on various types of electromagnetic and permanent magnet self-unloading iron removers. The belt of the iron remover is often smashed to avoid damage to the belt. It is easy to puncture the material of the belt. It is recommended to install the armor type, which can protect the belt.

The role of the Overband Magnet iron belt:

When the bulk material on the conveyor belt passes through the bottom of the self-unloading iron remover, the ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material are adsorbed to the iron stripper of the iron remover under the strong magnetic force of the iron core of the iron remover, and are kept running. The unloading iron belt scrapes the adsorbed iron impurities and discharges them into the iron collecting box, thereby achieving the purpose of automatic continuous iron removal. Automated iron removal is achieved without manual cleaning.

Overband Magnet belt selection
The high-temperature conveyor belt we produce can not only heat up to 100 degrees, but also heat up to 200 degrees. It has been resistant to high temperatures up to 300 degrees, and the temperature is 500 degrees. It is very stable in the industry and will not easily appear. The phenomenon of deviation, unless the rubber is installed with good plasticity, can make the life of the rubber conveyor belt greatly extend after making the jointless ring. Of course, you also need to be wary of the circular canvas conveyor belt made of recycled rubber. The surface is particularly bright and bright to the shiny rubber belt.

Overband Magnet Unloading Belt Selection Guide:
1. Provide accurate bandwidth, perimeter and thickness of the unloading belt.
2. Understand whether the required unloading iron belt is a one-time formed ring belt or a joint type, and secondly, it is confirmed that the iron discharging blade is a rubber strip integrated scraper or a stainless steel scraper.
Under normal circumstances, the iron remover manufacturer uses a one-time molded ring belt when producing the belt iron remover. However, when the user replaces it later, the one-time formed ring belt is inconvenient to replace and install, and the iron remover needs to be demolished. Unloading, putting on the iron belt, and then reassembling, the replacement is very troublesome. This problem is solved to a large extent by the unloading belt with a joint type, which eliminates the process of disassembling the iron remover, and only needs to be docked at the joint after the belt is installed.

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