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Main features of Overband Magnet separator

Overband Magnet separator is a high-performance automatic magnetic separation equipment. It is implemented in cement, electric power, brick, ceramics, chemical, food, metallurgy, glass, steel and other industries. It is material purification and guarantee. The necessary iron removal equipment for the safe operation of subsequent equipment.

The main features of the device are:

1. Magnetic source of the device is a high remanence NdFeB material with high iron removal efficiency and long service life.

2. Power source adopts the low-power cycloidal pinwheel gear motor. The transmission adopts the precision roller chain, which has the advantages of small size, lightweight, stable and reliable operation, small failure, etc. The user is convenient to use and easy to maintain.

3. The structure of the equipment is inexpensive, compact and easy to install. It can uses in series with the material conveying pipeline.

4. The process of removing iron is continuous and automatic, and no superior person is required after the equipment is started.

5. It suitable for closes material conveying system. No dust escapes during work and will not result in environmental pollution.


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